Monday, December 6, 2010


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I was at the check-out area of an Asian grocery store when I spotted an English chocolate bar called Flake that was going 2 for 1.  I grabbed them immediately.  That got me thinking about when I first tried one and about all the other great candies from my childhood.

I fondly remember the brain-numbing ice treat called the Lola.  It was a tetrahedron shaped block of ice...thing...that came in many flavours.  Most of the time, my tiny stomach couldn't hold all of it, so towards the end I usually just sucked all the sweet flavour out then tossed it.  It was like a giant Freezie.  I also used to love Fun Dip.  What a brilliant idea to take a sugary stick to dip into sugary powder.  I'm surprised I wasn't hyper all the time!  My favourite one is Pop Rocks.  It was the mostSee full size image bizarre candy that fizzled and popped around in your mouth.  There was a very amusing urban myth about the boy actor who played Mikey on the Life cereal commercials.  It was rumoured that he met his demise while consuming Pop Rocks and Pepsi at the same time.  It was apparently a fizz overload.  But that rumour was laid to rest when the grown actor made a recent appearance on Oprah to announce that he was indeed still alive and kicking!

I also spent a lot of money buying tons of bad gum in order to collect Charlie's Angels cards that were inside each package.  I think that the boys did something similar to collect Hardy Boys cards.  The one candy I didn't like was Popeye Cigarettes - imagine how socially incorrect that item would be in today's rigid society?!  I just didn't like its chalky flavour.  I remember a lot of kids used to hold them like real cigarettes and posed in the playground.

It was nice to reminisce about my childhood and I still long to sip a cold bottle of orange Fanta on a hot, summer day.  Keep your eyes open and you might find that your favourite treats are still around.  They might be displayed in the strangest places!

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