Thursday, December 16, 2010


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 I've noticed in the last couple of years the shift in trend from store bought Christmas presents to homemade goods.  This is the second year we're baking rosemary bread for neighbours and friends instead of the usual store-bought "stuff".  This wasn't a financial decision, but one that was based on "getting real" about the commercialism of Christmas.  Don't get me wrong, we have a front bedroom full of presents waiting to be wrapped.  But we found that in certain cases there was the danger of having to live up to each other's gifts standards.  So we wanted to bring it right down to the basics and get off that conveyor belt. 

I love the idea of consumable gifts.  I love to eat and baked goods are such a nice way to say Happy Holidays.  To give of ourselves in this manner is so personal and means so much.  We aren't expert cooks or bakers, so a lovingly made loaf of bread in the bread maker is our way of saying 'thanks for being our friend' or 'we love you, family member'.

The mother of my best friend from university days baked the most tasty shortbread cookies.  I am lucky to have that recipe, but darn it, mine don't turn out the same at all.  Could be that one time, I forgot to melt the butter!  Regardless of the reason, I think that homemade cookies taste so good when the baker puts a lot of their soul into making them. 

I hope that you will all have a happy and safe Christmas.  I hope that you will get all the items on your lists as well as some soul in cellophane by way of baked goods!

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