Monday, November 22, 2010


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I think that one of the reasons I love blogging so much is because it satisfies a lifelong passion for writing.  When I was younger, I always had penpals who lived abroad.  I loved the idea of sharing my thoughts and feelings with people who lived so far away.  Even better, I loved the anticipation of receiving a letter with foreign postage on it.  The long wait time didn't bother me as it kept up a sense of fun and longing for that next letter.  As a bonus, if someone I knew was travelling, there was always a good chance of receiving a postcard.  That was the beauty of "snail mail" as we call it now.  These days, the common items found in my mailbox are bills, flyers and take-out menus from the neighbourhood eateries.

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With the holidays approaching, I can again look forward to some cheery post that will trickle in slowly during the month of December.  I understand how speedy and convenient an "e-vite" can be.  I have sent them myself, opting for the help of the Internet rather than hand-writing them.  More and more people are sending  holiday family photos via email rather than printing them for mailing.  Like the thousands of digital photos that are stored on the hard-drive of our computer, these "e-photos" that we receive will probably remain unprinted and stored and eventually forgotten. 

I can't write long as I've got a long list of holiday cards to write and mail out.  Some of our faraway family and friends will also receive mini-letters of "2010, A Year in Review" as a way to catch them up on all the highlights and lowlights of this calendar year.

Get back in touch with the lost art of letter writing

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Blondie said...

I feel the same way honey! Hope you had a great weekend! Don't forget to enter my Christmas giveaway before Thursday if you haven't already!

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