Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Vintage looks so fabulous with its Patina

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Today's blog is going to be a shameless plug for my friends' store called Patina.  They started modestly by working out of their home, revamping gorgeous chandeliers, designing lamps and faux finishing furniture and accessories and  much much more.  Over time, they were able to move to a shared retail space.  Now they proudly display their beautiful furniture items in a grand store that is over 3000 square feet in size.  I'm so proud of my friends who steadily and smartly grew their business. 

I must admit to being very surprised though, when their very classical, European furniture pieces started to disappear and in their place, came more modern and vintage pieces.  I see a lot of white metals like chrome and lots and lots of lucite.  Glass seems very popular as well as straight lined and simple shapes.  I wouldn't say that Patina's style is mid-century modern with teak furniture everywhere.  It's vintage and antique with a refined style that doesn't really fit neatly into one popular category.  The furniture and accessories are bold yet subtle, grand yet understated and always fresh in feel and mindset.  Patina is trendsetting, not trend following.  As vintage fashions are so desirable and enduring, our friends continue to realise their vision of styling interior spaces that are more and more vintage in feel.

If you would like more information about Patina, please email us at

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Lynn said...

wow, what an amazing store!