Monday, November 8, 2010

Bejewelled and bedazzled by luscious Lushae...

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Monaco Gold Bangle Lushae Art Designs

With winter coming, I wanted a chunky piece of jewelery that wouldn’t get lost in the thick cuff of a sweater or jacket. The Monaco Gold Bangle beautifully fits the bill. I was lucky enough to receive this bracelet from Lushae.
This bracelet is made up of 14K bonded gold to a fashion metal and it’s lead free. The fine and smooth, continuous design is nice and lightweight. There are no annoying clasps for comfort and there is no chance of snagging delicate fabric. The overall look has a ‘70’s retro vibe and classic enough for formal wear but simple enough for the office. It’s sale price makes this item very tempting as the holidays are drawing nearer.

I like the gold colour of the bracelet, as it’s a nice departure from the white metals we have seen so much in the past decade or more. Yellow metals are becoming more in vogue in home fashions as well. The trends are changing to warmer feeling accessories.

I also like that the Lushae website shows you other items that could compliment the piece you have chosen. It’s like a virtual shop assistant who is able to guide you through a purchase. I would have loved the choice of sizes with the bracelets though. Very small wristed women would find some of the items too large. Many of the designs could be adjusted which is a nice option.

November may not seem like such a romantic time of year, but it's a quiet prelude to the holiday season and Cupid's day in February.  It might be the right time to think about promise rings and such. 

Save some gas and some money by perusing the Lushae website.

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