Thursday, October 21, 2010


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 Wow, what can I say about the golden age of disco during the 1970’s?  It’s hard to know just where to start. We loved it, then we made fun of it and now we love it again. Even the bell-bottom pants seem to be in fashion again. Although the die-hard fashionistas would scoff at that notion and proclaim that skinny jeans are what’s in at the moment.

Radios blared the falsetto tones of the Bee Gees and we reveled in it!  I fondly remember my aunts used to stand in front of the hall mirror practicing their best moves. The weekends were made for big hair, platform shoes and lit up dance floors to boogie the nights away.

I admit to watching “Saturday Night Fever” whenever I happen to catch it on television. I turn up  the radio whenever I hear a disco tune. It’s infectious. The songs may have been angry at times, but they had life, just like the fashions of the day. The word subtle was not in the 1970’s vocabulary. I remember being at a dance club not too long ago and the kids there half my age were belting out the lyrics to a Bay City Rollers song. That was really shocking to me. I wondered though, if they thought that “Saturday Night” was a new release hit?!

So all together now...
(Lyrics to “Night Fever”, Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack)

Listen to the ground:
there is movement all around.
There is something goin' down
and I can feel it.

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Jen O said...

OK, it's fun, but what about that white suit (really?)
My vote goes to the Danskin disco skirts they wear in the movie (love'em)