Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wingtips for All

I love wingtip shoes. Appropriate for both women and men, they are a comfortable and stylish shoe. Also referred to as Brogues, (wingtips in the United States), they are a low-heeled shoe made of heavy leather and originating in Scotland and Ireland. Usually an untanned leather shoe, the term wingtip derives from the toe cap pattern, which forms a W and resembles the profile of spreading bird wings.

Traditionally men's shoes, they were a less formal type of footwear. The punched patterns on the shoe are referred to as brogueing and can be done on different areas of the shoe. This results in terms such as half brogues, quarter-brogue and so on which is generally used to describe progressively less brogueing.

Aren't they fabulous? I can see myself Lindy Hopping in a pair of these, or worn in the style of a zoot suit. Certainly comfortable, these two pairs are a two-tone style which would be perfect for our now spring weather. 

Get walking!

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