Thursday, April 8, 2010

Vintage Gauchies

Definition: Underwear, usually male. Sometimes called gauch.
I can't find my gauchies!
My gauchies are too tight. 
My dry cleaner is a funny man. When I first started taking my vintage garments to him for cleaning, he was surprised to find out people buy used clothing. Here was our conversation:
Drycleaner: "People buy this stuff?"
Me: "Yes. They often wear them, or sometimes just for collections. It's called vintage."
Drycleaner: "But this stuff is old. Once a lady brought in vintage underwear but I said no. I can't touch other people's underwear."
Me: "Well, to each their own. Perhaps it was just for a collection and not to wear. "
Drycleaner: "Wierd. How's Tuesday for pickup?".
He could not  get past the ick factor of other people's underwear as even a collectible item. We see corsets, petticoats & nightgowns in museums all the time to document historical clothing, but the actual wearing of a vintage piece of underwear perhaps is too much for some.

If you can deal with it, Bobby Dene's Vintage Clothes has several interesting items. Including a gorgeous 1920s boudoir set and a couple of beautiful kimonos.


Brittany_Va-Voom Vintage said...

my girlfriend and I are debating vintage undies with ourselves too. We can do slips, bras, corsets, stockings,'s the vintage panties that get us! We went to a rummage sale and each found a pair and brought them home but neither has actually put them on yet. I think, what's the big deal, if you wash them, right...but then I think "but it's someone else's old panties!" I don't know, maybe we will wear them, maybe not! *lol*

Catwalk Creative Vintage said...

Your dry cleaner sounds hilarious. Some people just don't 'get it'!