Monday, March 1, 2010

No Imelda's Please

Do we all remember Imelda Marcos? The wife of former Philipine president, Ferdinand Marcos, she was an influential and quite powerful political figure. Really you say? Don't recall that.

Unfortunately the legacy she left was due to her extravagant lifestyle. When her husband's presidency was overtaken, they fled the country leaving behind no less than 15 mink coats, 1000 purses, over 500 gowns and more than 3000 pairs of shoes.

Poor Imelda - she was pressed for time and could not pack all those shoes.

A true vintage lover may love shoes, but will choose wisely. Traditionally, women did not own many pairs of shoes, rather having staples such as a day shoe, and evening shoe and a pair of boots. They were always well constructed and lasted much longer than today's synthetic shoes. Real leather cobbled shoes will always stand the test of time.

These shoes from Anna Carina Vintage are often referred to as slingbacks. The foot does not flap around due to the back strap as they may in a pair of mules. I've always found these to be an elegant shoe looking just as attractive with a skirt as with trousers. But ladies, no pantyhose can be worn with slingbacks....thank you.

A buttery cafe cream suede with a perfect height of heel. These were made by Jack Rogers in the 1970s and are available for $42.

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Anonymous said...

Love JACK ROGERS! Have you seen their new website? I just bought a pair of their ballet flats and I'm so happy because I can wear them year round.