Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What to Buy, What to Buy....

My family is upset with me....again. Every year before the Christmas holidays I inevitably get the age old question, "What would you like for Christmas?". And every year, without fail I respond, "Gift certificates, please."

They hate that answer.

I for one am a big fan of gift certificates to give as presents. Whether it be Christmas, birthdays or any occasion, I think they are a very practical and versatile gift. There are those of course, who liken it to writing a cheque, or distributing money at the last minute - a clear indication of lack of thought put into a gift.

Gift certificates are that inbetween gift. You know the recipient likes that store, but you also know they may be more particular in their exact purchase. I know I am. I am very finicky when it comes to personal purchases....especially clothing. I prefer a gift certificate at my favorite store and the time to wander through, browse and enjoy my shopping experience, eliminating the need to exchange or return after Christmas (along with everyone else!).

So on that note, Some Like it Vintage has branched out into the Gift Certificate business. I think the perfect holiday idea for the vintage clothing lover in your family...or for yourself!




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Iva said...

that is a stunning shade of blue!