Saturday, October 24, 2009

Suitably Chic

What exactly is a chic woman? Ask five different people and you will most likely receive five completely different answers. According to Ms. Emily Post, "the woman who is chic is always a little different. Not different in being behind fashion, but always slightly apart from it."

To continue with the last post, not all the new fashions are necessarily suitable for everyone. The chic woman may embrace the latest and greatest fashions, but will adapt it to her own body type, age, color, etc...Anyone who has any clothes sense "knows more or less the type of things that are their style—unless they have such an attack of fashionitis as to be irresponsibly delirious."

Fashionitis?!?! Now that's a great word. Next time you spot a woman (or man) mixing more than 2 fashion styles together, or wearing something completely unsuitable to their person, you can officially use the word 'fashionitis'.

Katie Holmes, Anna Wintour and Britney Spears have had 'fashionitis' attacks.

 Not age appropriate, not stylish, awkward fit, not suitable....just to name a few points.

Ms. Post expands on her fashionitis theory. Clothes that are not age appropriate or non-flattering to one's appearance is equally important as buying beyond your means. "One must not buy clothes out of proportion to your income, or out of keeping with your surroundings." In other words, unless you can afford that Hermes bag because it goes with your Chanel suit and your Laboutin heels, do not pretend you can shop like Victoria Beckham.

More on that in the next post. 


Alicia @ boylerpf said...

What a wise woman Ms Post was! We all seem to gravitate to a certain style that suits us...perhaps innate?!?1

Keith said...

I hate it when I see men or women wear clothes that are definitely not for their age group. They either dress too young or too old.