Sunday, June 14, 2009

Vintage Esther

Remember Esther Williams? The queen of MGM pool parties? Well, since summer has arrived that means bathing suit season is also here. There has been a noticeable turn back to Esther style swimsuits - more fabric and more covered. If you are looking for a string bikini, you won't find it here! Again, it's a call to buying a more classic and subtle piece for your summer wardrobe. Something that will last a few years and adjust to possible weight changes. What woman doesn't love that?

I love these swimsuits. They are classic styles and I think incredibly sexy, fitting a variety of body types. A very athletic look I think. Esther was an incredibly fit woman in her day and those suits made her look like a triathlete. She did not need any 'sports performance enhancers'.

Now I just need to find a vintage bathing cap and I'm ready for the next pool party.

Visit Esther Williams website:


Keith said...

I love Esther Williams. Great photos all around. I love swimsuits like this. Not that I mind seeing more flesh, but these are beautiful.

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Esther was THE swimming goddess and what a body she had. What I have always liked about this era was the way the designers complimented the body without showing tons of skin. Like the wide band that wrapped around the neck from the outside of the made the shoulders wider and balanced off the hips. Oh...I could go on and on...glad to know their back!