Saturday, June 13, 2009

All Things Gucci

I'm about to shoot myself in the foot. I'm in the vintage fashion biz, but am often stymied by the prices of high end labels. Granted, these items are consistently well made with exceptional detail and material. But $50 000 for a Hermès purse? Not on my watch.

The price for high end label items has become a marketing game. In the last 25 years, to splash a logo on a piece of clothing or accessory was (and unfortunately still is) a sign of being hip, in, wealthy, in-the-know. The problem comes with my old the item really, really worth it? Certain items are worth it, but most are not. Within the cost of that $50 000 Hermès bag is the splashy and fancy store it is sold in. The Parisienne address - the luxury magazine advertisements. It costs lots and lots of money to promote and that is what the consumer is paying for.

However, there are great deals to be had if you are in the market for a Gucci. I've just found this website that scouts, sells and finds auctions for only authentic Gucci items. Many are from ebay, but they do the work for you.


Keith said...

I hope you had a great weekend. Cheers!

Catwalk Creative Vintage said...

That's an interesting site. Thanks for sharing! I agree that 'design-brand' goods are way over priced. I'd rather shop vintage any day!

Anastasia said...

I think that is so tacky. Like when Louis Vuitton LV's were on everything. Oh so ugly.