Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Why I Love My Job!

This is why I love my job!

My latest acquistition of a wool worsted tuxedo coat tails, c. 1962. The inside pocket tailors label reads it was made for a Mr. WJR Wilson, Esq. Tailored by Jones Chalk & Dawson Ltd., 6 Sackville Street, Piccadilly, London, England. Silk lined and stunning!

When I opened the front breast pocket the original tailors work ticket was still folded inside! What fabulous history! In the biz, we call this 'provenance'.


Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Talk about cool! I wonder how many times the Esquire wore the jacket? Probably not many to still have the work order in the pocket.

retroliving said...

How awesome. I love a man wearing a coat with tails its just so fancy!


Siljesfashion said...

That is amazing and one of the reasons I love vintage. Every item has a great history.

Keith said...

That is so cool. I love it.

Jim @ CoolStuffForDads.com said...

Very cool, I think I wore tails to my high school prom.