Monday, May 4, 2009

That's a Funny Name

Cummerbund. Go ahead...say it 5 times. Isn't it funny? :-)

What is a cummerbund for?

Generally worn with a dinner suit, a cummerbund is a band of pleated material, often silk worn around the waist. It is worn for appearance only and was first used by high ranking British army officers.

A modern use of the cummerbund could be to tuck in a beer belly or an unsightly bulge. Since it is worn at the waist above the hipbone, it creates an illusion of a higher waist and longer legs. But be careful! It can also enhance a larger waist. Despite David Beckham temporarily invoking interest in them by wearing one without the matching tie, the cummerbund is still considered old-fashioned.

However, the traditional cummerbund can look less like a cummerbund and more like an accessory:

Gucci and John Galliano have added cummerbunds to their clothing lines. In order to update the look, take the cummerbund out of the context of formal wear and into a causal chic look. When David Beckham wore the look, he chose to forego the tie and unbutton the shirt. It was a winning look.

If you decide to add a cummerbund to your outfit, pleats facing up please!

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Karen ~ Cider Antiques said...

My daughter may just have one on her grad dress this year. Good to know about the pleats facing up :)