Saturday, May 9, 2009

Recession Depression? No Way!

For the past few seasons, fashion has been taking its cues from the 1930s and the Depression era. Contrary to popular belief, when it came to style, the Depression era was anything but depressing. "In North America, Hollywood was one of the biggest influences in the '30s and there's quite a parallel in the boom in cinema going on now," says Alison Matthews David, instructor and historian in the fashion program at Toronto's Ryerson University. The old Hollywood glamour is back.

Fabrics like nylon and rayon -- the "artificial silk" that cost half the price of the real stuff -- allowed relatively poor women to add richness to their dress, especially in terms of colour. It was an era of florals and luscious colours, much like today's styles at every price level, from Old Navy to Prada.

Add a little glamour to your wardrobe. We may be in a recession, but it does not have to be depressing!

My 1930s ebay picks.

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Jessica Cangiano said...

Lovely post, I totally agree with your sentiments, too. It is often during the darkest days that we need to keep our spirits up with lovely fashion styles the most :)

Wishing a beautiful weekend,
♥ Jessica