Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Lingo of Fashion

The lingo of vintage clothing is often like learning a different language. What is a funnel neck? What is a gored skirt? It's handy to know when you are looking to buy that vintage dress.

My vintage library contains the 1970s Vogue Sewing Book. Although 39 years old, it is packed with valuable information. One section in particular is devoted to the different styles of sleeves, collars, skirts, jackets, pants and silhouettes.

To help with vintage clothing terms, there will be several postings over the next few days to help with learning the 'lingo of vintage'.

The Lingo of Sleeves:

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boylerpf said...

As much as I used to sew and do fashion, I never could put the names of the sleeves to the actual picture. Once I see them here, the light bulb went off. is only 30 something years later..LOL!