Sunday, February 1, 2009

Please Don't Go Out For Valentines Day!

I'm the Scrooge of Valentines Day. Not because I'm single, but past experience demonstrated that going out for dinner on Valentines night is the worst night of the year. You get the worst service, the most crowded restaurants, limited menu selection and are charged outrageous prices. Being in the restaurant business for years, I can't count how many arguements I heard between couples on that 'special' night. There were alot of break-ups. The pressure to make this the 'best night ever' can be overwhelming for a couple!


Catwalk Creative said...

Wow! That red rockabilly dress is simply divine! The rosebud shoes are pretty cool too! xxx

Arleigh said...

Nice selection of these dresses!! I love to make delicious food for Valentines Day dinner at home!!