Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Funny Thing Happened While Reading A Label

There are many fun things about selling vintage. The main one is finding the vintage items. Whether it be clothing or wares or furniture, some items provide interesting reading.

Labels in vintage clothing can provide many clues as to where it's made, by whom, when it was made. Couture clothing is often numbered as a work of art would be.

Then there are some that I find humorous. This mint condition vintage robe (aka smoking jacket) provides a lengthy read.

"John Forsyth
The League of Gentleman
Fashions Inspired by Great Britain"

That's alot to put on a label! I suppose I find it humorous as this line of menswear is selling a specific image. The image of a well-to-do Brit. Perhaps he is sitting in front of a fire, drinking brandy, smoking a pipe and reading an epic novel while wearing this robe and exquisite leather slippers.

Well, they sold me on the image! Pretty good marketing technique don't you think? Really, all fashion is marketing an image now isn't it? When it's this lovely of an idea, I say embrace it!


WendyB said...

Best label evah!

Brittany_Va-Voom Vintage said...

That cracks me up. Here's a good one: my grandma has a house in the country, we go there for the weekends to get away. Once, we pulled out some plain white sheets to put on a double bed but they were really weird and didn't fit right. They were too short to fit a double and too big to fit a twin. Grandma pulled them off, looked at the tag and said "What the hell size sheet is this?" The tag read : "Marital Size Cotton Sheet" we both looked at each other and said " Marital Size?!" *lol*