Saturday, February 7, 2009

ADRIAN: Letty Lynton & Joan Crawford

I've always been fascinated by the stir this dress caused in 1932. Designed by Adrian and worn by Joan Crawford in the movie Letty Lynton, it is a wide shouldered, white organdy dress with ruffled sleeves, extended shoulders and nipped in at the waist. It was so popular that Macy's department store in New York sold over half a million copies of this dress. 2009 marks the 50th anniversary of Mr. Adrian Adolph Greenburg's death.

There have been many re-incarnations of this dress, usually worn by a movie starlett in a period piece warbling under a peach tree. But none I feel can wear it as Ms. Crawford. In this movie still she is crying on a ship as Silent Night plays because there are no messages for her for Christmas. The white dress in the moonlight against the art deco background of the ship is breathtaking - and could only be accomplished in black and white.
I have always wanted to see this movie and could never find it. Just recently I learned that Letty Lynton is not available for sale or broadcast due to legal entanglements that have lasted for decades. Apparently the movie infringed upon the play Dishonored Lady.
Designer Edith Head called this dress, "the single most important influence on fashion in film history". Some of Adrian's most stunning creations are in this film and I hope to be able to see it one day.


Kira Fashion said...

This dress is really fantastic!
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Couture Allure Vintage Fashion said...

Don't you just hate being told you can't do something? I would love to be able to see this film.