Thursday, January 29, 2009

Guest Pick: Gorgeous Vintage From Every Decade

Lena over at Queens of asked for my favorite picks and wrote a little blurb for me. Here is Part 1.

Veronica Cizmar, owner of the amazing online vintage shop ‘Some Like it Vintage’, has exclusively picked out one item for each decade from the 1930s to the 1980s. Queens of Vintage loves her choices from tailored coat tails à la Marlene Dietrich to sparkling sequins - oh, and it all just happens to be in fashion right now!

I have a huge affinity for men’s tailored clothing, particularly suits. This tuxedo top coat is from 1938 and is so well made it would be considered couture today. But in the 30s, even your neighborhood tailor was extremely skilled. The label in the coat reads: Dec 29/1938 for Jim Nightingale by Warren Cook Clothing Company. I love when something comes with such exact provenance! The cut of the waist would easily compliment a woman’s figure and wouldn’t she look fantastic?

1940s - Satin Bedjacket

Ladies certainly knew how to relax and lounge in the 40s. Despite the war years, a lady was still well-dressed even when just preparing for bed-time. I can easily see wearing this in bed while reading a classic novel such as Anna Karenina.

The 50s had two distinct dress styles: the New Look introduced by Dior with full skirts and crinolines, and the curve hugging wiggle dresses favored by Marilyn Monroe. This chiffon dress is inspired by the New Look. I love the refreshing and feminine change from the dark, lean looks of the war years. The exact thing a woman needed after the war effort; which is why this look was so popular.

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[Tara] said...

I would wear that tuxedo jacket with jeans and heels -- fabulous! I'm adding you to my blogroll [I thought I already had...I need to be more organized!]