Wednesday, September 26, 2012


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Normally I would look at an outfit like this and scoff and have some fun being snarky.  I might be especially brutal as she's a young girl who should know better, obviously misguided and perhaps a little blind.

However, I miss "Ugly Betty".  She was not a shrinking violet, even when she wore garish shades of purple and 10 other colours all at the same time.  Betty might have thought she was an unimportant spoke of an overly fashionable wheel.  But her affect on the people around her, both at work and at home proved that a modest girl from the burbs can do good!

I love this polyester number, prim and very busy.  It might have actually looked better without the blue turtleneck underneath.  I must say that her colour matching orthodontics are a fun accent!

With her glasses just a hint too small and a mouth full of metal, she really is America the beautiful!

Verdict:  No verdict today.  I'll just look forward to watching an Ugly Betty rerun episode later this evening.


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