Monday, June 6, 2011

CHiPs - Empty Snacking But Strangely Satisfying

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 Lately I've been torturing my other half by convincing him to watch the late 1970's television series "CHiPs".  At first he seemed eager enough, after all it was a show about  2 male police officers on motorcycles.  Husband had never seen the series in its day, as he grew up deprived of cable connection!  I have of course seen everything that was ever made for the boob tube.  It's a wonder I ever had time for school, friends and other normal childhood activities!

We hunkered down one wintry evening to watch the series premier.  After about 15 minutes or so, I came to the painful realization that Seinfeld had a predecessor!  This was a show about nothing.  I couldn't believe it.  I realised that my mind had been reminscing about a show that must have seemed exciting to a kid under the age of 10.  Watching it as an adult, the whole thing was less than eventful and really cheesy.

Months after sitting through that pilot episode, we're still watching the first season, slowly but surely.  What has kept me interested?  Most girls liked Ponch, but I always liked Jon Baker.  In fact, Husband bears a striking resemblance to the fair-haired character come to think of it!  My other half has become less than excited about continuing this California Highway Patrol journey.  Now we just laugh and point a lot.

I know that I've hit a time in my life when reminiscing about the past has become a full-time activity.  The boys sure looked great in their copper uniforms - always impossibly tight and well-groomed.  I also love the groovy street clothing on the guest characters.  And the hair - wow, there was more to the men's (full-bodied) cuts than the women's styles.  The guys all looked like they came off the set of the "Mod Squad" and the women all looked like Farrah worshipers.

We're just enjoying the show for what it is.  Life is stressful and complicated.  One great way to unwind that grey matter is to watch something a bit lame and dated.  So my retro journey continues..


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