Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wallflower Vintage Presents: Vintage Dressing

A question we hear almost daily here at Wallflower Vintage is "How will I know if it will fit?"

We also answer lots of inquiries about our coat sizing. Well, let me see if I can set you on the path to educated vintage sizing.

Fitting information

Please be aware that vintage number sizes differ from today's number sizes. What may have been a size 14 in the fifties is now a modern size 6.

It is very important that, before you purchase a vintage piece, you measure yourself, or better yet, measure a garment that you own, which fits you well, and compare to the inch-measurements that we give.

We measure our garments lying flat and do not take any 'ease' into consideration. Therefore a 30-inch waist would snugly fit a gal with a 30-inch waist, however it would probably suit someone with a 29-inch waist better.

For a general reference for our letter sizing, look at the chart below which will show how the letter sizes correspond to our inch-measurement sizes. We provide both types of sizing for your convenience, but actually measuring an item of yours for reference is the most reliable way.

If you have any concerns about fitting, we will be happy to explain or to provide more measurements on any of our garments.

We measure our coats as above, however for letter sizing (S,M,L etc) we subtract about 6 - 8" off the measurements, then refer to the chart. That means a coat with a waist measurement of 35" would be listed as a Medium. Coats are primarily worn over clothing - except that one time, but that's a different story - so one needs to take the additional inches into consideration.

As always, if you have additional questions or would like additional measurements, please just e-mail or call us for help! I know it's cliche (or an advertisement?), but when you look good - we look good.

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