Thursday, October 28, 2010

Let's do the Time Warp again...

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“It's astounding;
Time is fleeting;
Madness takes its toll.
But listen closely...”

Rocky HorrorHow can I celebrate Halloween without an homage to The Rocky Horror Picture Show?! I was first introduced to it at a small local theatre where a friend and I braved a snowstorm to see the stage production. I loved it. And weddings would never be the same without the show’s timeless hit “Time Warp”.

“Not for very much longer.
I've got to keep control.”

Rocky Horror first debuted as a stage show in London, in 1973. The film that we all know and love came out in 1975. Strange customs of throwing toast and calling out colourful adjectives became de rigur for viewers, who became participants in both film and stage productions across North America. It is undeniably a cult classic to live on forever. Love it or hate it, this show has left an indelible mark in our psyches. Every Halloween night, I like to carry on a tradition of watching it from my VHS tape while giving out candy to the neighbourhood kids. Passersby would find it curious to see us through the window, jumping up and down.

"I remember doing the time-warp
Drinking those moments when
The Blackness would hit me
And the void would be calling..."

Halloween can be so much fun for adults. And “Rocky Horror” is a really fun and slightly sinful way to express yourself and get a little crazy. While the children dress up in Disney costumes, we adults could become Magenta or Riff Raff for a night. Alter egos could safely come out at night and play.

"Let's do the time-warp again.
Let's do the time-warp again."

Little NellNot only is the show a classic film and musical, we’ve also adapted dance steps that we have somehow  learned even as children. I don’t actually remember learning it. It seems like I’ve just always known it.

"It's just a jump to the left.
And then a step to the right."

I think that we love the inevitable transformations of the chaste Brad and Janet. Dr. Frank N. Furter was right in believing that there is a bit of naughty in all of us just bursting to get out.

"Put your hands on your hips.
You bring your knees in tight."

I love the way the story of “Rocky Horror” deals with same-sex encounters and other risqué themes. There was a lot of free love in the 1970’s but transsexuals and gays were still in the background of society.

"But it's the pelvic thrust
That really drives you insane."

Halloween will always be a favourite time for me. We don’t have any pressure of buying gifts for people, no guilt-filled family traditions to abide by on October 31st. It’s just about me and you and participating in an ancient Celtic tradition that has evolved into what it is today.

"Let's do the time-warp again.
Let's do the time-warp again."

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