Thursday, September 16, 2010


You’ve come a long way baby! It’s just amazing to see the stark contrast between one of the original models called “Evening Splendor Barbie” and today’s “Little Black Dress Barbie”. The older model looks modest and ready for a respectable evening out. While the current day little minx looks ready for something a lot more racy!
Why was it that as girls, we were so drawn to Barbie and her beautiful dresses? And once we got her home from the store, the first thing we did was remove all her clothing?! You can laugh, but I know that many of you out there have done it! Were we trying to see how the outfit was constructed, or were we just eager for an anatomy lesson? Whether we played with them clothed or otherwise, our fascination with Barbie has not waned over the years since her debut in 1959. She has become the ever-changing reflection of women throughout the decades. She was first a proud housewife with her pearls and values. Today she is a sexy icon who is confident inside and out. She doesn’t need Ken to keep her warm at night, but welcomes his visits from time to time.

Barbie’s demure dress from that inaugural year looks fitted but loose and hangs well below her knees. We could capture her feminine form without it being openly displayed. She wasn’t just a play toy but a miniature representation of young girls’ modest aspirations and good manners. Have we strayed too far from those lofty ideals? Or are they out of place in today’s society?

You be the judge.

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