Monday, September 27, 2010


Beep beep beep beep...this just in.  A leopard has been spotted in our city today.  Citizens are urged not to panic.  If you encounter this exotic creature, the males in particular need to handle the situation with care.  Stay indoors especially at night, as these powerful cats are nocturnal and prey on their victims with stealth and speed.  Stay clear of nightclubs, dinner theatres and lounges.  They have the ability to stalk a man then pounce on him before he is even aware of what is happening.  Leopards are strong swimmers so beware of watering holes.  These still waters can run deep, so they serve as excellent traps for any man under the age of 35.  

Leopards can easily be mistaken for their counterparts which are cougars and pumas.  Prudence and vigilance are necessary to ward off all 3 types of predators. 

Men be aware and guard your loins! These felines are are available and are hot trends for this fall!

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Stefanie Valentine said...

I love anything leopard print, rawr! Loving that little capelet!