Sunday, June 27, 2010

Suze, Where Do You Get Your Jackets?

Jackets. Jackets. Jackets. Some days I feel like Suze Orman and all her jackets. Known for her extensive collection of blazers, she has had some great ones over the years, and some not so great ones. There was even an SNL skit poking fun at Suze's outwear.

I too love jackets, preferring the well tailored, and proper fitted ones to the boyfriend blazer style (that I wore in the 80s in high school!).

Well Suze, you should be buying vintage! Today's find is a stunning vintage Gianni Versace red leather jacket with cream satin lining. Tailored with just enough slouch to wear with jeans. A piece unto its own, very little else is needed. Perfect Versace. Now available at Rice and Beans Vintage.

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Stefanie Valentine said...

She does have a lot of jackets! What a lovely colour that red one is.