Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wedgwood blue...and pink…and lilac…and green…and…

Featured post: Jasper Jewellery

Danny over at Jasper Jewellery in Australia has a fine collection of Wedgwood items. I am particularly in love with the cufflinks! Pop over and have a gander.
"Everyone is probably familiar with the ubiquitous pale blue Wedgwood jasper which has been produced for centuries. Vintage Wedgwood cameos mounted in jewelry come in a surprising range of colors, although some cameo colors are quite rare which makes them especially collectible. 

Wedgwood have always made their cameos available to other jewellers to make settings in silver and gold – on vintage pieces  the setting will often have been made in the United States. The moulded neo-classical figures (technically called bas-reliefs) are still meticulously applied by hand (future production is uncertain as Wedgwood has new ownership who have indicated most production will be moved to Indonesia). 

The Australian website Jasper Jewellery showcases the colors available in a range of vintage Wedgwood jewelry (brooches, pendants, earrings, rings and cufflinks)."

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