Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Vintage Linens

About as much fun as collecting vintage clothing is, a close second is having a vintage linens collection. Throughout my travels in life, I always try to bring back a little something from every country I've visited in the way of local embroidery work or linens. Table cloths, bed covers or simple napkins are as much about the history of a peoples as their food and music.

Often linens will tell a story. This spectacular blue reversible woven heavy cotton bedcover is adorned with deep fringe and features peacock, deer and Regal buildings amidst floral and geometric designs. Can you not imagine this on a wooden 4 poster bed? Or perhaps a quaint cottage somewhere in the country. A family heirloom that may have been handed down with a young lady's dowry.

This figural pale green silky rayon bedcover is woven in silver and pale green with a floral design and cupids in each corner with a central cartouche. The border is edged in braid with macrame and silk tassels. How regal this would be to cozy up underneath after a dinner of wild game with a snifter of brandy after wards in front of a fireplace. Of course, you must let your hair down princess and retire to your chamber in the tallest tower.

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