Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bikini Time

Well, summer is technically around the corner but I can't wait! Although it is still spring, today is a gorgeous summer-like day in Toronto. Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses...what's missing? Well, lounging by the pool of course!

The bikini is perhaps the most popular female beachwear around the globe. Archeological finds, especially in Pompeii, show the Roman goddess Venus wearing a bikini. Well ladies, if she can wear one, so can we!

This wonderful red & purple plaid bikini is a stunning and rare find. Made in Paris by Real on Rue St. Honoré, it is a fine example of 1950s swimwear. With a unique side construction, it is waiting for a vintage bathing beauty.

Now available from Proper Vintage Clothing $200.

1 comment:

Stefanie Valentine said...

Unfortunately i am not confident enough to wear a bikini, i stick to an all-in-one! I love vintage bikinis though.