Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tie the Knot

It is no secret I love men's clothing. Bespoke, custom tailored, well-cut and well fit suits are more attractive to me than anything else. A gent can have a washboard stomach, but in an ill-fitting suit he might as well be 13 years old.

Vintage ties are a particular favorite of mine. Bow-ties, cravats, ascots and regular ties - vintage ones just seem more interesting. Take this one from Klassic Line Vintage Clothing. 1950s falling leaves by Haband is just looking for the right shirt to pair with.

I was having such fun perusing Vintage This jacquard, Indian motif is a striking red!

Hand painted ties are always a treat. This rare tie by Penney's in California is inscribed inside and hand painted. Not that the beach boys wore ties...but if they did....

I had a boyfriend who was fond of bow-ties and they looked wonderful on him! A man who is confident enough to wear a bow-tie is a special person indeed. Pure silk bow tie with unique motif on front - almost as if you should write his name on it!