Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Get Ready for Summer Skirts!

Many years ago I was at a KD Lang concert and she walked out onto the stage in bare feet and a long wrap skirt. Being a huge fan of hers, I was surprised to see her in a skirt, not being known for her feminine attire. But as she remarked, 'it's incredibly liberating and free' - I couldn't agree with her more.

With spring here and summer approaching, I'm ready to padlock the sock drawer and start wearing some fabulous skirts! Nothing is more comfortable than bare feet in a great pair of sandals and a cool skirt. I feel for the gentleman who have little choice in the summer - it's either slacks or shorts and those office suits are definitely uncomfortable on hot summer days!

Love Miss Daisy Vintage has a great collection of vintage skirts. Based in the UK.

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