Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Perfect Princess

Every woman should feel like a princess at least once. Whether it be on your wedding day, playing dress-up as a child or just having fun with your girlfriends, please embrace your inner Cinderella.

The beauty of selling vintage clothing is I actually try on many of my garments. Luckily I am petite and can fit into most of the smaller sizes - how many times I have not wanted to list a gorgeous dress in my store, just so I can keep it. If I did that, I would have no store and lots of dresses! 

Playing dress-up is fun and I encourage everyone to try it. I recently did this with my sister and my cousin who is getting married soon. We shopped in my store and tried on just about everything. What a hoot! We laughed and had a vintage-y time!

So this vintage 1950s strapless taffeta & tulle gown is perfect princess material. With yards of tulle over a crisp taffeta slip this would make anyone feel royal! Now available at Wallflower Vintage, $148.

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Karen ~ Cider Antiques said...

Love that pink gown ~ just gorgeous!

Happy Easter to you and enjoy the long weekend :)