Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Corsets & Crinolines

Underpinnings were a very important part of how a lady dressed in the past. As today, we do not care to see the bulges we may have accumulated during life, but rather focus on creating that hourglass or smooth figure. The shape of figures has often changed from the S-shape, to the straight line boy shape to the hourglass figure - and back again. But one thing is certain, lingerie played, and still plays an important role in our wardrobes.

Perusing Corsets & Crinolines the stunning Victorian corsets are to die for. Although most impractical today and clearly uncomfortable (no spandex then), they are a joy to look at and admire. Some may be inclined to debate the submission of women in these garments - a fine point. However that will be a different post. Today I am merely interested in the construction and beauty of the fabric and the piece itself.

This Victorian corset is from 1898 -1900. Made of black cotton sateen with yellow flossing it is boned with cane which means this is a summer wear garment. However, as with any garment that is 100 years old or more, it is not recommended to wear - rather this is a collectible item. $350£, shipping from the UK.

But isn't it stunning!

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