Wednesday, March 17, 2010

80s Polka-Dots & Big Hair

Having lived my teenage years through the 80s, I still find it difficult to grasp the fact that 80s is considered vintage. I consider it retro - perhaps because I'm trying to hold on to my youth and retro does not sound quite as old! But alas, it is now, gulp...30 years old and is appealing to an entirely new generation.

There were many icky fashions in the 80s, yet many that were pleasant. Polka dots reigned supreme as did ruffles and skirt flounces. Didn't it seem as though we looked like we were about to break into a cha-cha wherever we went? I think this dress from Paisley Babylon Vintage demonstrates that.

I see it in a whole new light now. The intricate pleats covering the entire body ending with a contrasting ruffle at the hem. Very flattering and the red is a lovely shade - just please don't wear it with big hair!

Now available for $80


BaronessVonVintage said...

haha..I know EXACTLY what you mean!!! My hair never was full cobra, but I tried. I loved (and still do love) polka dots....will likely show a pic of my own 80s polka dot phase in a future blog post I was planning ;)

Stefanie Valentine said...

Haha you gotta love huge 80s hair!