Sunday, August 2, 2009

What's a Batchel?

In the 1950s, school children would carry their books in something called a satchel. A leather made bag with a shoulder strap.

Today, kids carry their books in backpacks and lately, luggage on wheels. (I assume because they are studying a lot? They look like they are going to the airport.)

As a result of the Harry Potter movies, a Welsh businesswoman, Julie Deane, has revived the use of the satchel. She has even created the 'batchel' = a satchel with a handle.
When she struggled to find replicas of the Harry Potter satchels for her own children, she decided to make her own and then set up The Cambridge Satchel Company in the UK.

“The no-fuss, no-nonsense bags have been embraced by stylists and designers as consumers turn to the vintage look and want a bag to last.", she says.

Available in traditional brown and black, kids and adults alike can also choose from bright colors such as red, yellow and pink.

Aren't they fabulous! The Cambridge Satchel Company

Other satchels also available:


NODtoMOD said...

how cool are those?! xo

Jessica Cangiano said...

Deeply lovely, practical, elegant bags. I would gladly carry one of those to work, the library, as a carry-on, you name it!

Thank you very much for your birthday wishes for my husband, sweet dear! I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Big hugs,
♥ Jessica

Keith said...

These are very cool. I like them all. Hope you've had a great week. Enjoy the weekend. Cheers!

Anastasia said...

I really want a Harry Potter bag ;)