Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Porkpie Salon Part I

At one time, men wore hats everywhere - from work to the baseball park to church on Sunday, a man never went without one. There is something about a man in a suit and hat that is dignified, important, commands respect and perhaps is dashing and debonair.

And I don't mean a baseball cap put on backwards.

Wouldn't it be great if hats made a comeback? Hats like the Fedora, the Porkpie, the Bota, the Derby, the Borsalino.

Gone are the days when a gentleman wearing a hat used to remove it in a ladies presence or tip the brim out of respect. A class act who is confident and comfortable - and class does not mean someone has to be affluent, just polite. The wearing of hats symbolized a cultural and civil atmosphere.

Today there is little maturity reflected in young men's clothing. We see bandanas, doo-rags and baseball caps on backwards with pants sagging - a sign that young men have lost respect for themselves and for women.

Gathering of men - every single one wearing a hat

Old Eatons Catalogue Ad


Keith said...

I love hats. It would be great to see them come back again. Hope you've had a cool weekend.

Jessica Cangiano said...

Extremely well said, I concur entirely. While (on the whole) ladies fashions have slipped into the realm of being ever-more causal and fickle to ridiculous trends, menswear is at times an almost unrecognizable version of its once grand, dignified self.

Will this situation ever reserve itself? One can't say for certain, but I do hope that somehow it does.

Have a beautiful week, my dear,
♥ Jessica

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

I have been away from blogland for a bit and what a joy to come and read this post! I am so totally with you on hats. Not only that, but the culture that has taken over with the saggy pants, baseball hats on backwards, etc. I think we were born in the wrong century. More so, I believe we were brought up with respect. I do hope there is a trend to a more dignified version of dressing. I can only hope as many of the young are now buying vintage. Love the post!!

GoRetroGirl said...

They're very sexy. Banana Republic is pushing men's fedoras for its fall 2009 line in conjunction with promoting Mad Men.