Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hats Off!

Exhibition on now at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London to May 31.

Hats empower and give people confidence. Realizing that they were fun, optimistic, had charatcter or perhaps a dream, hats were one of two things not rationed during WWII (the other being cosmetics.) This exhibit is a collaboration between the museum and Stephen Jones, one of the fashion world's most prolific milliners.

The Salon & The Client - Excerpt

"At the beginning of the 20th century, individual milliners turned the simple hat shop into an exclusive space that enhanced their signature styles. This ‘salon’ environment, similar to that of haute couture dress houses, offered the customer an intimate place to view, try and buy elegantly displayed hats.

Traditionally a good saloniste offered advice, recommending turban styles for those with large noses or advising asymmetric styles to slim a wide face. However, the cardinal rule of hat-buying, as French fashion editor Genevieve Dariaux noted, is to 'take the one you fall in love with, which mysteriously "does something" for you, which magically makes you feel more beautiful'.

When the right client meets the right hat, the wearing begins. On the hat’s journey - from initial inspiration, through construction, to the salon where it is tried and chosen - it is the client who ultimately gives it life and launches it into the world. From royalty to revolutionaries, a hat frequently becomes a signature feature for a well-known face, recognised as part of the personality of the wearer. "

A great interactive website for this exhibit, you can even learn how to make a fabulous paper hat from origami specialist Nick Robinson.

I highly suggest scrolling through the section "The Salon & the Client". Click on your favorite hat for a gorgeous description in a 360 degree view.

I think I'll don a hat today.


Keith said...

I love hats. I hardly ever see anybody really wearing them. I'm not talking about baseball caps either. lol Those are everywhere. Sometimes over the years I would see women wear them to church at Easter. That's about it.

pink cupcake vintage said...

these are great! loving your blog!

The Style PA said...

I need more hats in my life. They suit me, but I don't really own any.