Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Benjamin Bixby

Benjamin Bixby, aka Outkast André Benjamin is a singer. No a clothing designer...ahh, my age is showing. Youth music of today confuses me :-)

I love the music of Outkast and Mr. André launched a clothing line this past year, Benjamin Bixby. Inspired by vintage English fashion and sports of the 1930s this is an immaculate line of clothing for gents reflecting a collegiate theme with athletic details.

All modern singers and rappers seem to feel they have 'style'. Some do...some don't. André is in the first category. He has the talent and intelligence to research, sketch the clothes, and fund the line himself. He did not just put his name to a line of clothing someone else is responsible for designing. It's not a cash grab and this is obvious. He has not launched into clothing and perfume and home accents and handbags and shoes...over stimulating the market with all things André. His collection is a mere 70 pieces. I hope more is to come for 2009.

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I adore Andre Benjamin.I think he is incredibly multi-talented.hes totally the renaissance man.I like that he backed his line looks good and i hope it does well.